Wednesday, July 23, 2008

wow we what a blast snorkeling & fishing in paradise

Good morning I said, as some folks approached me on the dock this morning, ready for some snorkeling and fishing fun I exclaimed. They all said back, yes, happily and enthusiastically and off we went. I love taking people to my reef its a real special place, its like opening a door to a huge treasure and saying come on in and look. I had a mom say to me today, this is what we hoped it would be like, I guess they had been on another snorkeling trip in Key West earlier in their stay and went to different reef area. She said it was not anywhere near as good or offered excellent equipment like what I have, dry snorkels, private yacht and the best reef help. Fishing was its usual insanity, the fish were jumping on hooks left and right giving my shipmates quite the workout.

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