Thursday, July 10, 2008

the thrill of reeling in a fish exhilarating for sure

Nice dip out at the reef, the waves had us moving about some but it was better than any ride at a amusement park. My shipmates loved the reef, they were flabbergasted with its brilliant colors. A young man had said to me; I swam with a spotted eagle ray which I have pictures of, that's lucky, sometimes you guys have more fun than me. You will love this stuff as much I do, so come play at the reef. Fishing was strong, slamming fish left and right, after catching a dozen fish we had caught a nice cuda who gave a fired up gal a good fight, determinedly she finally landed it all by herself. He took out a lot of fishing line, making for a lot of reeling for this gal. Come reel in the big one aboard the Delphine give a call.

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