Tuesday, July 8, 2008

50years left on largest 3rd bigest organisam in world

Is snorkeling and fishing hard on the reef, is a reef unnoticed in better shape, Yes. I think, brown water which is legally dumped and is so thick is the problem. Its a big problem, every ship should be irregularly area monitored by our new air ship. Airship 600 is being tested here in Key West. I believe a lot of discard is being done in the channel because the Western Sambo is just fine. Later possible the 600 is to be implemented off your coast, lets watch our coasts 1 person from the private sector on each airship to watch the America straights to analyse the discard of the pollution. Pretend its a mind field, follow this pollution in order to measure the impact of the pollution on our shores. The Airship 600 is a huge blimp which can analyse a discharge as if it were a floating minefield, these blimps our the future to watch our coasts from foreign ships pollution or whatnot. Give the blimp a real job ,watching ships from abroad kicking our healthy shores asses discharging their ballasts tanks and whatnot away from our Paradise. My favorite reef is fine its away from the cruise ships and the main shipping channel where tanks are emptied, just a thought no facts just thinking aloud. These thoughts are brought about because of a recent report on how fishing is hard on the reefs, its easy to point fingers but mine is on the cruise ships.

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