Tuesday, July 22, 2008

can you imagine the best of summer here it lies

We blasted out the channel, eyes forward staring at the brilliant blues and greens of the Atlantic dancing under the blue sky. There sure are some neat folks in the world. I am a people person so for me its tons of fun interacting with people. This afternoon some of the people had never been on a boat, what a thrill it must be for them. Its almost unfathomable to me that they never boated, I have been boating with my folk's since I was a baby. My dad always owned boats and dragged all the family along. It sure is a great thing to do with your loved ones, it brings everyone closer together in so many ways.

Swimming like a fish, kicking our flippers making our way through America's Caribbean paddling along in fish infested waters, it sure feels good, what a blast we had. Fishing was really fun landed over 50 plus fish, watching folks set the hook every few minutes is really gratifying. Then seeing them smile ear to ear, come smile with me.

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