Friday, July 4, 2008

everyone & fish were very spirited, excited & celebartive

What fun the 4Th of July is, we snorkeled the reef but the turtle was not around like he was yesterday, he is my favorite sea creature to see lately because he is always a happy fellow. Lots of beauty today I. Slammed a bunch of fish today, had a nice battle with a hungry cuda, I also ran into one at the reef while snorkeling, he seemed to be in a bad mood.
I set out in one of my smaller boats, to see the fireworks in one of natures darkest moonless nights. I decided to take an evening dip from my sloop. I swam the breaststroke, backstroke, the sidestroke and the crawl briskly because there was a current. I had fun changing the different strokes. The fireworks from my sloop off the tiny island of Key West with the extrema dark background made for a perfect sight. With there extreme brilliants bright colors creating huge globe sphere like balls, almost a quarter of the size of the island, seem to float above it, ten times the size of the sun or moon. Independence day sure kicks ass, nothing like seeing the fireworks from the water on a pleasant Key West night.

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