Saturday, November 3, 2007

36 fish caught filling bucket tarpons chowed down

The wind was still up to no good as we headed out to sea to my other spot for fishing. Once the chum bag hit the water, fish enveloped the surroundings of the Delphine at our fishing spot, every few minutes it was, whoops, got another one, someone said. We were running out of room in the bucket for all these fish as we piled them in the boat. Later we dove in to see lots of fish about, a huge barracuda was watching the schools with their hungry mouths eating my bits of fish that were escaping from the chum bag in the current that was off the stern of the yacht. The water was mighty refreshing as always, we all hung out on the stern sitting or standing comfortably looking out across the endless view of turquoise sea, aah yes Paradise we all thought and I said.

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