Saturday, November 10, 2007

Admiral's dautghter comes sea with some Coasties

Its always fun to have some local people aboard. We swam the reef, enjoying the tons of fish fluttering about the reef, a school of parrot fish swam with us for awhile. Its really neat to watch a school of these colorful fellows, they look at one another as if they are a brother or sister, tight, each doing alot of chomping, they are moving in harmony as one.
The chumb bag hit the water with the usual flutter of fish scurring for Capt Chuck's easy to get free tasty treats. We landed tons of fish, my hands worked really hard making wire luers, Unfortunately some of the oceans sharpest teeth worked their way through a lot of my best made stuff they gradually worked their way up to my strongest wire that could handle jaws . We didn't caught any monster fish today, but instead we caught a lot of fish, one of the girls caught three huge yellow tails, enough to feed all of us.
This lovely sunset is a perk to the afternoon charter, we were astounded by its beauty as we came in.

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