Sunday, May 27, 2007

lots of really big eyes comunicate to us from below

Two members of the charter took out my seadoos snorkeling and saw some lobsters. Fishing today was a double header a grouper and a stop light. Next I yelled clear the deck as I netted a green moray eel that slapped around violently. I held him back with the net but he wasn't in a good mood and ripped through it like licorice so I through him over. They filled the fish bucket so we went to feed the hungry tarpons. the tarpon communicated with these people as if begging, "please feed my 300 pound belly", he was saying with his eyes, as we all looked down into the water into his eyes. We were in awe, what a exciting heart pounding experience. Its really a treat to look a fish in the face and eyes and see and understand his expression. The first time I experienced this was with a325 pound Goliath grouper that I came upon after rounding a piling snorkeling, you could read his surprised and perplexed look. When you come aboard the Delphine you will able to hand feed the these tarpons, possibly even a nurse shark or Goliath grouper by hand you will love it.

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