Friday, May 25, 2007

human like sharks mouth of atlantic party with couple

We caught lots of fish today like snappers, blue runers and blue stripped. A party couple from Milwalkee brought up a couple of sharks for a photo op before they were realeased. It was very comfortable lounging around some of us drank some beers, smoked some butts and laughed alot. The happy nurse gave and held his best smile for the camera, gave us all hugs and put its fin around us to say "your my good buds". We where shocked and amazed in the change in facial expresions when I grabed a knife and mentioned how tastey nurse shark is, just kidding I put the knife down the shark smiled and "gurguled" with relief. We almost caught a tarpon, just saw his silver back so instead we feed a 200 pound tarpon who snapped a fish out of the female passenger's hand. You could hear her thrilled excited happy scream for miles.

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