Saturday, May 19, 2007

3boys and there mom battle 95pound nurse joyfully

the family loved the ride to the reef they saw some sea turtles, once we got there they all jumped in and swept some of the reef holding hands. The parents left the kids with me and took off on the sea doos for a spin. next we left the sanctary, fishing was unreal . We all laughed when I said this should be called catching not fishing as we filled the bucket with fish for lots of hungry tarpons up to 250 pounds each, just waiting to be feed by hand. Nice nurse shark 95 pounds caught. It's always nice to see these sharks that I catch swim happly away. I use nets and try not to hurt the nurse sharks, they are my friends, although you would never know it the way this shark today slapped me with his tail hard over and over. He did not like hanging by a rope, he kept lifting up his head at us while the boat rocked. We had to get back to port so no one swam with him after we let him go. (see the picture in the Capt Album and the one feeding the tarpons and the boy in the red shirt)

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