Thursday, May 17, 2007

85 pound fish caught folks from Toledo Ohio rejoyced

the tide was crazy, high moon tide. A couple who were married yesterday went out in the morning and caught a cuda, also a huge yellow tail that they planned to bring with them to a restraunt to have cooked. The afternoon charter was from Ohio, a party of six, they landed an 85 pound nurse shark and caught over 25 fish. Lots of coronas were consumed, they jumped off the yacht and laughed and played like happy kids.


acouey123 said...

My wife and I went out with Capt. Chuck and had a wonderful time. Snorkeling was great although my wife did not like it that much, she got spooked by the shark and barracudas. The fishing was great also, dont plan on getting it for free though. Just as fast as you can bait, cast, set the hook and reel them in, is how many fish you will catch. This trip with Capt. Chuck was the highlight of our trip... except getting married on the beach.

thanks for the wonderful experience

Adam and Tiffany Couey

jim said...

This was our second trip to the keys we have been on many a snorkling trips but this was the best and the price was right. There were only the six of us on this trip which we enjoyed, it made the trip more personal. With the bigger trips we didn't get that. Jim says if you need a deck hand give him a call he will make sure the anchor does not hit the side of the boat.