Tuesday, March 31, 2009

finally calm seas just atlantic extreme fun stuff

We snorkeled with queen angels, I watched a parrot fish burdened with a large sucker fish half his size, see the picture.

Funny creatures, Romeras, had one taking a liking to me one time while I was snorkeling and I had to get out to loose the sticky fellow. I also watched two pork fish provoke and chase one another, as if they said caught me if you can as they darted around in a somewhat tranquil environment.
Caught 60 different fish, or more such as a grouper, runners, mackerel, sharks, Spanish and french grunts and some snapper. Some of the fish we let go, like the sharks some we feed to the huge tarpon out of our generous hands. The tarpons are waiting for your hand outs, come lets catch some fish for them or dinner for you.

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