Wednesday, March 18, 2009

where you have good living, you have good fun, join me

We are 240 miles off 0f Miami and snorkeling 7 miles off Key West, yes you, with me and soon you will hear it for real the sounds throught your ears just like you were above water. However these sounds are of the reef. Maybe you think you can not hear under water but you would be wrong, try it for yourself. Try out this most diverse reef which is part of the third largest living organism in the world. See it for real not on a video.

It's magic having a 200 pound plus fish eat out of your hand, it is a thrill. A few big ones beat us up today fishing making us work real hard biting of the lewers with their Atlantic ocean sharp teeth. We had many thrills about 15 fish or more made it to the tarpon monsters happy bellies. It's was fun to watch my shipmates pat these huge creatures like loving puppy dogs at my tarpon feeding spot. They were reaching over from above with a fish in hand just waiting for the tarpons to snack it up. It is cool how thousands of people watched my video on youtube its name is called feeding a 300 pound tarpon by hand if you would like to see. Why watch it came join me and live it..

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