Wednesday, April 1, 2009

what makes a snorkel awsome apposed to ok

Splish, splash we kicked are way over to the reef, it was a bit foggy still from the past weeks heavy winds. These winds brought big waves and stirred up the Atlantic some. There was a turtle hanging out that's always a treat, but it was great to see two massive spotted eagle rays, that's to cool, my shipmates and I swam with them for 5 minutes or so and they did not seem to mind us one bit. Its clear why they are called eagles, you would understand if you swam with the and watched as they magnificently sore through the sea with such amazing grace and beauty. We saw a balloon fish, I love their big eyes there so human like, then next came a trumpet fish who stood on his head nibbling on something. They are shaped like a tree branch and mighty peculiar fellows. We saw tons more neat nature stuff, the ocean world sure blows your mind, come freak on this stuff with me sometime. Give me a ring ,its a blast ,oh yeah slammed a bunch of yellow tails fishing later in the morning.

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