Tuesday, December 30, 2008

through the port hole I could see palm trees dancing

Lets go out at noon, it was amazing the sea lay down calm as could be making for a extraordinary day of snorkeling and fishing fun. We swam the reef, dumbfounded at the huge masses of fishes congregating around the healthy live coral that springs up so as to be just a few feet below. The visibility was great and lots of shrieks of amazement could be heard bellowing out of my fellow snorkelers' snorkels.

We hooked up with a great spot for fishing, everyone was catching fish it was hard for me to keep up, sometimes three at a time. One of the lines got snagged on the bottom, I decided to dive in and free it up and to my surprise there was a green moray eel on it. I pulled him loose and dragged him near the boat he was very reluctant, fighting hard. The line began hurting my hand so I yelled to the boat reel him in and a 11yr old girl battled away bringing him in for this picture, unfortunately she would not poise with him for the picture, which is completely understandable.

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