Friday, October 17, 2008

open up your mindl lets go for a wlld key west ride

The weather service said that these are the two best days this week so off we went, it made our day and we were joyed the blue water that was in because of the weather. Before we went into the reef for our adventure I gave my usual speech about the dangers of snorkeling which made my snorkelers stay close. Later there was a wild exciting stir amongst the snorkels, I heard later from the discription that it was a hammerhead that the snorkelers spotted. I said to my shipmates, I DID NOT SEE IT,ONE SNORKELERS SAID IT WAS A BONNET HEAD THEY ARE SMALLER, THE SAME FAMILY AS HAMMERHEADS. We dropped anchor in a calm spot and I looked at my shipmates and said, are you guys out of shock yet, let's fish. Wow, we sure did fill the bucket with 20 plus fish, a large fish eat our bait, but he won today, so we ended up just getting his picture on the surface as eat our live bait.

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