Wednesday, December 17, 2008

oh my gosh ,what a awsome adventure it was

Everyone showed up smiling, so eager for what the sea was going to present to our hungry appetites for adventure. First a manatee hung out, giving everyone quite a thrill. A few people were saying wow, they never seen one before. Next we swam side by side with all kinds of neat sea creatures at the reef. First some barracudas, two who stayed with me as I swam and then a large shark with lots of Ramora's clinging to him, this kind of shark is a real rare sight to see at my reef. Then my true favorite came long, my turtle bud, we swam together for 20 minutes or so, he let everyone come in real close for pics. He was a true good sport, truly the is the star of the show.

We caught a nice shark who put up a nice fight and made a lad really happy. A young gal caught a nice grouper and there were tons to fish filled the bucket. Later a gentleman wanted to do some spear fishing and I spied a nice large yellow jack in a school of fish and signaled him over this way. He made a great shoot, spearing him however the jack had incredible power, breaking the line loose. Some barracudas and I chased him down fortunately I got him first,making for an over the top ocean moments for all aboard the Delphine. We made our to port with lots of tasty bounty.

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