Friday, May 15, 2009

real fun at sea not a huge tourist group squacking

I feel bad for the folks going out on the tourist boats lately after chatting with someone who went on a snorkel trip, she said the water was foggy and they saw next to nothing. I told her I went snorkeling, also the same day and it was clear blue water and saw tons. Its because the blue water a lot of times does not reach the reef areas that the tourist boats go to, that's near their location on the other side of the island.
Fishing was non stop thrills, ever minute just about it seemed was exciting fish catching filled with energy. Watched a 9 year old single handed bring this 40 pound monster aboard, was way cool to oversee. Dad jumped in with a net and mom handed out lots of encouragement, the young lad feeling like a hero in his parents eyes. Its neat how boating brings the family together. my folks had a sailboat and as a young lad I experienced lots of days bonding with my brother and sister, seeing many ports with mom and dad with the sea below our feet.

Why not let your family embrace one another aboard the Delphine off Key West.

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