Sunday, April 5, 2009

green calm ocean rolls out like a carpet under us

Super fun ahead as my smiling eyes looked out into the abyss, that never ending horizon as we headed out to on the Delphine. This is sweet, what a grand feeling of freedom, a lawyer who came out on the Delphine with once had said to me ,that his boss said to him that we live in 24 carrot bird cages. If you feel like that come join me in this freedom from your own personal cage. Kicks ass be free and soar with me on the sea.
It was family fun all day youngsters ages 8 through 12 years old slammed fish like pros with little teaching. It was once said give someone a fish, feed them for a day, teach them to fish and they can eat for life. These youngsters where great their family's would never go hungry with these kids around.

Snorkeling was bit foggy, but managed to snap a few shots for you guys. Had a shipmate that's on TV all the time, its neat to have a TV personality out on my yacht, she said her husband and her liked my web site.

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