Wednesday, May 21, 2008

wow 12 foot fish caught swam with lots of huge fish

Out we went, seven miles out, upon arriving at the reef a treasure ship was looking around with divers. When we dove in it was awesome, a school of huge sported eagle rays swam by, three were at least over 50 pounds with wing spans as wide as my hands. The spread of they wings, soring like eagle above the coral 20 or 30 huge tarpon swam near us chilling with one another,fish love to mate at the reef, and its mating seasion for the tarpon latley Later that day we were catching something tasty for dinner that was the objective and that's just what we did. Dad slammed a bonnet head big enough for a family of five to happily feast on. He was packed ice in there cooler for his voyage to their dinner table. After a half hour battle we landed a 12 foot nurse shark, it weighed so much three men could not lift it any higher than this picture then we let him go. I try not to hurt my nurse shark buds although I heard they taste OK, lucky for them we are like family.

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