Wednesday, May 7, 2008

lucky swim hard against a large ray as opponent

Making our way to sea from the bridge we could see a small ray swimming below, little did I know that later I would be getting a workout swimming with one about my size. We were amazed at their unique look, especially the head as we raced side by side both having a ball. If he wanted, he could have left faster than the speed of sound but no we swam together shoulder to shoulder. Its truly memorable, come join me for a swim with one for a totally awesome day here in the only Caribbean island in Florida. Some jacks came by, I thought wow what a easy shot with my camera bet it would be the same with a spear gun. My camera is made by Sea Life its 6.0 meg pix, all my pictures are taken by me Capt. Chuck. Buy one and come take some bad ass pictures with me at the reefs.

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