Sunday, January 27, 2008

whistling wind accompanies us as we swim & f ish

We headed out to the reef, the sea was showing its wild turquoise greens and light blues with white caps slapping the Delphine broadside making her roll side to side. Once we reached the reef I was happy to see the visibility was still grand, we jumped in and made our way over to the reef. It was a wintery day with some swells spanking us about, it was no big deal, a bit much for my shipmates so it was a short snorkel. Everyone said the water was a nice temperature and loved the huge amount of fish that were about. We hightailed it inshore to a nice calm spot and caught some fish and enjoyed nature's peaceful serenity. A large sea turtle came up behind us, maybe 20 feet away, it was just one of the Atlantic's treats providing us with endless eye candy all day

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