Saturday, January 12, 2008

steped right up for boating excperience extraordinary

As we were heading out the channel we all watched a turtle making headway up the channel as we peered down from the bridge of the Delphine. Once we reach the end of the channel we saw a lone dolphin, pretty, the way the dolphins slides through the water so eloquently. The reef was awesome, visibility was fine, it was a comfortable temperature for everyone, no one complied. We saw a huge yellow jack ripping through the schools of smaller fish, mouth open, hopping to mame or kill one of these smaller fish. Upon looking around my eyes saw a black grouper doing a stellar job of hiding next to a rock, blending. Probably the most amazing thing we was today was this school of at least 12 jack coevals and pompanos, they are skittish here at this reef than they are at a artificial reef, like the Cayman that is near by. The Cayman is a steel ship in 100 feet of water. As we were seeking up on them they were grouped fairly tight, some kind of mating ritual, a tight binding of fish bonding.

The fishing was also awesome, but the reef was just great today.

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