Thursday, July 9, 2009

what a pleasure taking my yacht to sea here in keyw

The waters around Key West are very warm and a tad foggy, but the snorkeling sure is fun. Saw a tarpon from above as I pulled into the reef and then dove down on top of him. Sneaking up on a fish can be fun, totally. I caught this tarpon with his pants down when I swam down for this picture of him. I knew when he saw me because I startled him and he jumped fast and than settled down.

Fishing has been super, slamming lots of hungry fish, catching barracudas are great for a reason, it must be the shows, the sheer excitement of them jumping in the air, their tail waking across the water in front of your amazed eyes. We landed two, one for each person that tried for a great barracuda. My happy shipmates also caught a tasty horse eyed juvenile jack for a dinner snack. Thanks for reading my blog, my readers rule thanks please come back for more tales aboard the yacht Delphine

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