Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I rented a car and drove to San Leon, TX. to get my 48' Ocean I bought on ebay. Piloted her from Texas for 17 days and finally reached Key West...............................

Dolphins raced toward us, from the distant I could see dolphins racing towards my bow and every 100 feet I could see them jumping in the air. They were making haste, totally focused on their goal, my bow. The dolphins were loving the hull of the yacht as it skimmed through the water almost effortlessly. At times dozens came, even if they saw me they hung out with the Dolphin lady. Birds like angels soared all around us. The sky at night showed the moon, the stars and nothing at all. Each night I would waited 45 minutes for the moon to show itself after the sun had set at the end of the day.

Days bleed into nights, thick fog consumed everything. We passed the oil wells at night off Texas with their scary warning horns, the noise was like the sirens of Greek mythology calling out. These monsters in the night, unlit, half wrecked oil wells that had been damaged from Ike, reached out like jaws of a salivating hungry beast wanting to wreck my plastic boat. Waiting just beneath my feet at night 10 to 20 miles out at sea, saying my prayers.

The ports I went to were real nice, the towns peoples' accents in Louisiana and Mississippi rubbed of on me. They are really fun to speak to, good people and hard workers. It was amazing to see the industry, like the process the oil goes through to get to you, the huge machines and people who bust their butts and running them behind the scenes, to make it possible for us to have oil that we greedily consume.

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