Saturday, February 28, 2009

friendly manatee comes right up and hangs with us

Some past shipmates were visiting Key West from Canada nd through me a line. He said bet we can't surpass last time, we had landed over 80 fish, wow I said, lets see what we can do and off we went. The wind was blowing pretty good and we did some rocking. So we tucked in behind the reef, hit the water and made our way through a huge school of barracuda. As if to say excuse me or pardon me like when walking through a large crowd, the barracuda parted letting us by, Visibility was good and we had a grand swim .

We went to a nice calm spot for some fishing landing 40 or so fish enjoying the good life, listing to some tunes and slamming fish left and right, with the sun shinning and blue sky beaming. Later at my tarpon feeding spot ,we hand feed some hungry giants, see the video below

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