Wednesday, April 9, 2008

yes blue water tons of fish fun playing with huge fish

We had a ball snorkeling, all the fish came to the reef today. Its so much fun skimming along checking out these spectacular living coral structures, the joy and comfort they bring to fish and us is overwhelming. We hooked up with tons of fish, towards the end of the trip there was something big on the line, it was snagged on something so I jumped in a few minutes later to find and it was a large shark. He had wrapped our fishing line on some jagged coral on the ocean floor. I dove down to the bottom quickly freed it up as I looked at him with the line in hand he pulled at the line like a dog on a leash pulling me. This wise nurse shark pulling me along headed us right into a cavern with two entrances, I thought about getting the rod off the boat swimming it through the cavern and getting this smart ass shark ,as I looked down at him he coughed and yanked out the fish happily fleeing. Oh well we saved the fish worked out great for a thrilled tarpon that we hand feeding later by some of my shipmates.

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