Sunday, February 24, 2008

life like a dew drop on a blade of grass on a hot day

If only every day could be like this, dolphins at play, even a spotted eagle ray caught our nature loving glance, wow orgasmic ocean overload to all the senses. The waters around Key West became crystal clear as we cruised along, we saw schools of fish cruising, one school of pompanos was swimming with three nurse sharks. I thought how weird I didn't know they hung out together. Also we we saw some turtles that darted under as we approached, they also could not hide from our peering eyes from above as the yacht Delphine made her through the transparent ocean. At the reef I couldn't wait to hang out with the reef inhabitants. We came across a school of fish under the reef, funny because they all unknowingly were huddled up against a nurse shark just waiting for his belly to say its time for dinner. "see the video" Fishing was awesome everybody caught fish.

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