Saturday, February 9, 2008

huge spotted eagel ray swam with us magicaly calm

It was an incredible summery day as we made are way snorkeling around the reef. Tons of fish swam about, it was like Marti Gras in New Orleans. It always amazes me the brilliance of the sea, the life bombards your senses. One of the girls swimming next to me says what's that gaint thing over there, I look over and its a huge spotted eagle ray with a ten foot wing span. Beautiful, the way it soars and flys like a huge bird effortlessly through the abyss of magnificant colors and it's unique bonnet looking head. We let out some chum at a nearby reef, infesting the reef with our heavenly fish scent, surrounding the boat with fish. The rods bent going of left and right filling the bucket with some whoopers by some sporty female angelers.

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