Thursday, July 1, 2010

massive tarpon all around engulfed in 7ft silver backs

Swimming along with a lot of big fish at the reef, real exciting stuff, headed back out at 130 today with the camera, these pictures will take you there. Step up and join me for some thrills and adventures my next trip starts shortly and I cant wait I am writing this during my break. I peered out behind my glass barrier masking my eyes and saw 40 plus tarpon most 7 foot long in a school ,a nice Goliath grouper and later had an outstanding encounter with a nurse shark. So far that is the most tarpon that I had seen at this reef. If anyone needs to make phone calls my I phone works great out at the reef. Well a few dolphins came up in the afternoon and just stopped,everybody oohed and awed this was unique and rare event. I guess Dolphins like checking humans. The chum helped we had yellow tails everywhere, caught a nice bonnet head and ran head on with a tarpon made a video for ya.

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