Tuesday, September 2, 2008

storm here storm there storm eveywhere but here

We headed out early on the yacht Delphine, the morning was calm and nice, no whitecaps in sight just calm seas. We plunged into the seas but visibility was not very good, we could not see the bottom. Once we were on top of the reef, its beauty could be seen from the surface, its only 4 feet of water or so most of the fish regulars were chilling around the reef as usual. Then we through the hook out at the end of the channel, catching fish very minute or so,a nice black grouper was landed, we had some rocking going on. The wind picked up some, all and all it was a pretty sweet day. It was nice to get out since its been wind central here on the island.


evy said...

about to go down to the keys, (in two weeks, hopefully no new storms then) and am looking foir an interesting new spot to snorkel. Have done Pennekamp, Looe Key and Sombrero. Horseshoe, lots of mangrove snorkeling, but are there any other well-kept secrets? I have no boat and my husband doesn't swim, so I have to go it alone or with a snorkel tour.


Chuck said...

yes, its the best snorkel fish trip ,I know of no better reef than the Western Sambo, it has the most diversity of all the places you have seen, loe key and the Jesus statue at Pety camp are fun like my reefs. To fill the charter I take couples and singles. Give me a call this depends upon available.